Form old to new

Easier this year we had a request that was a bit unusual for us. That was to restore an old photo. We felt we had the experience and the software and had worked on our own families old photos. So we took on this photo that was highly significant for the family concerned. We did the work in front of them so they got to see all the steps involved and so we knew how far they wanted us to go with fixing blemishes etc. So here is the original and one of the finished versions, cropped to suit the way they wanted to print and display it. They were stoked with the result!

Wolfe at Kielvale_001Wolfe at Kielvale_005

A short stay in Bellingen

In late October, I took my mother, Eleanor, down to Bellingen for a girls' trip away. We stayed at a lovely little Airbnb called "the Dairy Bales" near Thora, further up the beautiful river valley from Bellingen. It was the perfect time of year, with the silky oaks in flower and black cockatoos screeching as they feasted. The scenery was stunning, as you will see, and the cottage was truly delightful. And at last, I made it to The Promised Land! Yes that is a real place, near Glennifer and can be seen in the last photo below. Here are a few of my favourites from the stay:












Photos from our trip

In September we did a quick trip down to Canberra and back - the Lexus was a dream and so comfortable all the way. We didnt have a lot of time for photography and not the best weather and conditions, but here are a few from our Central Coast stop. I highly recommend Smiths Lakehouse for a peaceful and stunning place to stay, a bit of a detour off the highway, via Forster, but so worth it!





And here are a few by Alan and of Alan in his happy place - at Floriade. Again this was a quick stop in late afternoon light, which was different from other years we had been there and aimed for earlier in the day.






A magazine shoot at our local brewery

Factories can be fascinating places, visually and for what they produce! In September we were commissioned by Shecco to photograph at Stone and Wood (our local wonderful brewery). The focus was on some particular equipment that is used there to be featured in a magazine that Shecco produces. We cant show you any of those particular images they used, but here are some others we took while there. I love light through glass and wished we had more time to really get into that.








Headshots at an event

This Australia-wide company was holding a training event at a fantastic venue in the hills near Mullumbimby. They contacted us to come and do a quick headshots shoot. As a very varied team of individuals they were great subjects and fun to work with. Here are a few samples of what we did in a very short window for them.

WTFH_MA_024 1

WTFH_MA_004 1

WTFH_MA_017 1

WTFH_MA_019 1

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