Event Photography with Vibrant Imaging

Photographing and videoing at various festivals over the past few years has been a really enjoyable part of our business. We've met some fascinating people: the performers, the organisers and the festival goers. We've covered a range of music events and festivals, cabarets, art festivals, food festivals and spiritual events. We've honed our skills in all sorts of conditions from low light to spotlight, dust and smoke to pouring rain!
Contact us for more information, price estimates etc. as we'd love to get involved in your up-coming event.
We also love photographing private events and parties.

Festivals, Musicians and other Performers

We can also work with you to create promotional photography for your website, posters and other promotional materials. We'll achieve images that present you just as you want to be seen by your audience.
The photo’s are absolutely fabulous!! Thank you so much for covering so many of the activities this year. We have a wealth of wonderful images that we can use to show the diversity of our program.
Kerry Turner, Festival director, Tweed Foodie Fest
  •  Cabaret performer

    Juggler magician

  •  Outdoor market festival

  •  Art festival opening

  •  Foodie Fest Murwillumbah

  •  Costa at Foodie Fest

  •  Governor-General

  •  Outdoor night festival

  •  Delicous desert

  •  Sports event

  •  Art gallery openings

  •  band at pub

  •  Paella maker

  •  Outdoor festival

  •  Poetry performance

  •  Tibetan monks

  •  Art gallery photography

  •  Cabaret performers

  •  Southern Oracle

  •  Childrens dance recital

  •  Spiritual festival event

  •  No Frills Twins

  •  Flamenco dance group

  •  Reggae Band photography

  •  Outdoor party photography

For more information (and our very reasonable rates) or to discuss your needs and ideas, just give us a call on (02) 6679 5141 or contact us.
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